War thunder 1.37 matchmaking

News back to news. Black Community Interracial Dating Fixed some cases of enemies continuously rushing to and away from Defense targets, war thunder 1.37 matchmaking. But there are still some questions open. It is intended only for official War Thunder news from Gaijin sites and sources. What happened to the aircraft I had already purchased in 1. Could you guys please sum up what was so bad about it?

Posted September 5, But nevertheless, the Tier is the hard border. Above 3, meters, Russian fighters tend to lose performance at an exponential rate. So thanks for your answers. Depending on your recent wins, war thunder 1.37 matchmaking, you can be still matched against people with BR 8. Posted March 15, This is not the case for tanks where ranks are overlapping in many cases.

War Thunder. All Discussions Matchmaking used to work like that but hasn't been good since the launch of , which was just before Christmas (aka last year). During the MM was actually quite respectable for everyone with a -2/+2 difference in level before they introduced the BR (Battle Rating for those who didn't know). Matchmaking in Pilots! A few words about the way match-maker works in War Thunder Battles are being balanced depending on several attributes, the most important of them are the aircraft’s rank, its battle rating (this is displayed in a plane’s menu) and the player’s battle efficiency. War Thunder team. Discuss on our forums. patch FAQ New Levelling system. You decreased the amount of aircraft tiers in the game – from 20 to 5 and now you say that balance will be more precise. War Thunder. Kaikki Keskustelut In a separate post about matchmaking, it ends like this: "Currently, the new Match-maker works as it did in the previous version. Also, since one can actually see who plays to level their aircraft up. It's strange that people apparently simply don't have the patience to stick with an aircraft to get.
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